La Spezia


The University campus of La Spezia is located on the G. Marconi campus, located in an area of about 14,000 square meters known as the “Colle dei Cappuccini”, once home to a signal station of the Italian Navy, granted in use by the government to the city of La Spezia as a seat of university activities.

The campus consists of three buildings that house, in addition to classrooms and laboratories, a library, study rooms, and administrative and managerial offices.
In the branch offices the University Campus has a large classroom and an equipped laboratory.

At the “Due Giugno” school complex in La Spezia you can find the large teaching room with an annexed study room (also for researchers) and at the Military Maritime Arsenal of La Spezia the laboratory equipped with didactic experimentation.


About 700 students are currently enrolled at the University campus of La Spezia, of which over 60% are off-campus, including an impressive number of foreign students. Annually more than 230 students are registered. To date, more than 1,300 students have graduated from the University campus of La Spezia.


The campus has 5 classrooms (three with over 100 seating capacity), equipped with internet connection and video projection, and 2 classroom-laboratories equipped with the usual teaching equipment as well as a total of 46 personal computer stations with specialized software for the naval-nautical and mechanical-mechatronic programs.


There are also three laboratories dedicated to students, PhD students and researchers for the development of projects and simulations concerning a range of issues such as fluid dynamics, hydrodynamics, structures, mechanical

automation and mechatronics. Off-campus, there are also additional spaces for teaching, study and research activities, at the “2 Giugno” school building in La Spezia and an equipped laboratory at the Maritime Military

Arsenal of La Spezia, where students and teachers can carry out practical activities of experimentation, both in design and in construction on components and / or prototypes in the nautical and mechanical fields.

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