Welcome to the University Campus of La Spezia

The University Campus of La Spezia is coordinated and managed by “Promostudi La Spezia” – Participation Foundation for the Promotion of Higher Education Studies in La Spezia.

The campus moved to Viale Nicolò Fieschi 16/18, in the building “Bruno Falcomatà” ex Military Maritime Hospital.

For a few days we will not be reachable by phone due to the move to a new location.
We therefore ask you to contact us exclusively by email.
We apologize for the temporary inconvenience.


The “Info Point” orientation service is active from 24 August to 18 September.
The meetings will be held exclusively by appointment, to be agreed by e-mail to the address didattica@promostudi.it

The new University Campus of La Spezia (an area of about 3800 square meters), has an educational and administrative headquarters in the building “Bruno Falcomatà” the ex Military Maritime Hospital of La Spezia, and laboratories equipped for didactic experiments and research in an area of the Military Maritime Arsenal of La Spezia.